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Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Aero State" --- Spying Balloons Of The United States

Whereas on one side Taliban are equipping themselves with latest technologies, the USA has also constituted new tactics to combat with the Taliban. Among the new technological tactics are the USA's hundreds of spying balloons that are called "Aero State". The Mujahidins say that due to hanging balloons resembling smaller aeroplans possibility of their free movements was limited. Because the equipments installed in the aero states have full capability of spying. More than one hundred balloons in the air equipped with the cameras and other spying equipment for monitoring the ways, roads and paths around the sensitive places and military installations are present round the clock. Taliban term these balloons very dangerous for them. Because American get important information about their safe hide out through the photos and videos they shoot. American get them identified through the monitoring balloons. Talibans have tried their best to avoid the spying system but failed. Therefore Taliban remain on busy places and mixed up with the people to hide their identity.

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