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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Are SAFMA Members Pro-India Lobby?

If you read and concentrate on the writings of these SAFMA members in articles, columns or talking on TVs, you would notice that they are the propaganda machinery for friendship, relations, free trade, soft visa policies through "Amn Ki Asha" or other program with India. They do not care what atrocities, worst examples of state brutalities India is going to set regarding innocent Kashmiris. They only love India and Indians, their culture and their soil more than Pakistan. Please tick mark all these personalities and be aware of their venomous propaganda against Pakistan. Follow them on their social networking sites pages and show them their true face and cut the illuminating tails of these moles. Here are the pro-India lobbyists who are the members of SAFMA:
I A Rehman, Senior Journalist and Director HRCP
2. M. Ziauddin, Executive Editor Express Tribune
3. Zahid Hussain, Senior Editor Newsline
4. Nazir Leghari, Editor Awam
5. Hussain Naqi, Senior Journalist
6. Sadaf Arshad, Executive Editor Media Monitor
7. Atta-ul- Musawar, City Editor, Express Tribune
8. Amir Mehmood, General Secretary, CPNE
9. Siddique Baloch, Editor, Balochistan Times
10. Tariq Chaudry, Vice President of PFUJ
11. Tahir Rathore, President, Rawalpindi-Islamabad Union of Journalists (RIUJ)
12. Khalid Farooqi, Editor, Daily Awaz
13. Ayaz Khan, Editor Editorial, Daily Express
14. Raza Rumi, The Friday Times
15. Shahzada Zulfiqar, Senior Journalist, Quetta
16. Nusrat Javeed, Anchorperson Aaj TV
17. Sirmed Manzoor, General Secretary SAFMA, Pakistan
18. Agha Nasir, Director Geo News
19. Iftikhar Ahmed, Anchorperson Geo News
20. Babar Ayaz, Columnist
21. Saleem Shahid, President Quetta Press Club
22. Dr. Jabbar Khattak, Editor Awami Awaz
23. Ghazi Salahuddin, Columnist
24. Mujahid Barelvi, Anchorperson CNBC
25. Irfana Mallah, Columnist
26. Jehangeer Aslam, President Turbat Press Club
27. GN Mughal, Senior Sindhi Journalist
28. Ghulam Nabi Chandio, Editor
29. Syed Mumtaz Shah, Editor Mashriq Quetta and Lahore
30. Lala Asad, President Sukkar Press Club
31. Khalid Khokar, Editor
32. Fayyaz Naich, Anchorperson Sindh TV
33. Amer Sindhu, Columnist
34. Anjum Rasheed, Senior Journalist Jang Group
35. Khalid Chaudhry, Former Editor AajKal
36. Shoaib Adil, Editor Naya Zamana
37. Saida Fazal, Resident Editor Business Recorder
38. Munno Bhai, Columnist
39. Ibrahim Shirwani, Senior Journalist
40. Asma Shirazi, Anchor SAMAA TV
41. Afzal Khan, Columnist
42. Mustansar Javed, Editor DateLine
43. Rana Qaisar, Resident Editor Pakistan Today, Islamabad
44. Shamsul Islam Naz, Former Sec-Gen PFUJ
45. Khushnood Ali Khan, Editor Jinnah
46. Mehmal Sarfaraz, Editor Oped Daily Times
47. Khaled Ahmed, Editor and Columnist
48. Allama Sadiq Azhar, Columnist Waqt
49. Imtiaz Alam, Editor South Asian Journal
50. Shamim Shahid, President Peshawar Press Club
Please read more,if you are interested to know more about their nefarious designs against Pakistan.

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