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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bills Being Presented And Passed In The Assembly To Secure Corrupt People

The apex court and the honest and patriotic people of Pakistan are being sentenced through amending and passing the bills related to most sensitive issues by Pakistan National Assembly to protect the leaders having dual citizenship and present prime minister to commit contempt of court and and be safe. All this is done in the personal interests. People would not accept foreigners to rule the nation and go out in their own country when are out of power Those having dual nationality are not Pakistanis(specially politicians). The people who are national of any other country can not be loyal to Pakistan, as they have their kids, wealth and interests in other countries. They come here to rule and when they are not in power immediately go back.
It is no secret that apex court will order Raja Pavez Ashraf to write letter to Swiss authorities, as the prime ministers are private servants of the president, he would not write and hence will commit contempt of court and his fate will be like the former PM. Astonishing is that most of the MNA's become one voice when their personal interests are hit. I appreciate those members who are opposing the bill. May Almighty Allah save my beloved Pakistan from power hungry and the most corrupt politicians on the face of earth.

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