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Sunday, May 15, 2011

USA Paid $100 Mn As Incentive To Arrest 60 Most Wanted Persons Uptill Now

Under the Rewards For Justice Program the two sons of Sadam Hussain, 39 year Auday Hussain and 37 year Qasa Hussain were on the top of the list. The mother of these sons of Sadam was his first wife Sajida. On 23 rd of July 2003, on a secret information, in a 4- hour joint operation by '101th Airborne Division' and 'Task Force 20' using helicopters killed both the sons of Sadam Hussain and his grandson Mustafa. They were in their hide-outs in Mosul city toward north of Iraq. The unknown informer was paid $ 30 million for providing information about Sadam's sons. Some independent sources say that the information was provided by the owner of the residence where Auday Hussain and Qasa Hussain were present. Because the owner of the bungalow Nawaf Al Zeiden shifted to the USA after some time along with his family where he was awarded US citizenship. However, on June 18, 2004 Saleh Al Zeiden was killed, he was the brother of Al Zeiden, as a revenge of informing US about Sadam's sons.
Ramze Yousuf:-
Ramze Yousuf whose real name is Abdul Basit Karim is a Pakistani person who took birth in Kuwait, he has full command of Arabic, Urdu, Balochi and English. He is accused of attacking World Trade Centre on February 26, 1993 ans also he is considered master mind of various other terrorist's activities. On 7th of February 1995, diplomatic security of USA arrested him from Islamabad on the information of Ishtiaq Parker who was Ramze's friend. Forty four year Ramze and his friends are are in Colorado Jail of the USA for life imprisonment. According to American officials, Ishtiaq was paid $ 2 million.
Mir Aemal Kansi:-
Mir was put to death through lethal injection on November 14, 2002, in Green ville correctional center of the town of Greens ville in Virginia state of the USA. Mir Aemal belonged to Baluchistan province of Pakistan. He was accused of shooting two CIA officials on January 5, 1995, in front of CIA main office in Virginia. Aemal was arrested on an information received in American Consulate in Karachi, from Shalimar Hotel in Dera Ghazi Khan (Punjab) on June 15, 1997. It is interesting that there in the headquarter of the CIA a memorial of the officials killed by Aemal has been constructed and on other side At Omara in Baluchistan Martyred Aemal Kansi Mosque has been built.

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