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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A "New Middle East" Is Being Set

If it is said that the quickest and the swiftest changes can been in Egypt or around it would not be wrong. Quite a new Egypt is appearing after Hosne Mubarak. The newly established interim government is bringing changes in various internal and external policies. Last week two new and major changes were seen developing in the region regarding Palestinian issue. In this the main role was played by new Egyptian government. The first change was seen in the mutual relations of Hamas and Al-Fatah. Both the parties are proceeding towards reconciliation and and bright chances are there that both will work unitedly. Hamas came to power in the last elections but Israel and America came into its way when they saw that their policies got failed in this regard, they divided Palestine into two halves. Fateh occupied the western bank and Hamas was limited to Gaza strip only. During this the worst financial sanctions in the human history were imposed in the Gaza. The western bank ruling party Fatah also tried to oppose Hamas on every forum. However, last week both the parties agreed to a reconcialatory agreement after two years. All this was done by Egypt, it is interesting too that the Egypt was responsible for the conflict bwtween the two parties, but at that time Hosne Mubarak was ruling the country. After the progress made toward reconciliation, Ismail Hafia who is the chief of Hamas administration in in Gaza, announced to resign from the office. He said that he was ready to resign under the agreement between Hamas and Fatah , because he said the agreement is more important and due to this both the groups will be united and the unity will be promoted between the divided groups.

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