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Monday, May 9, 2011

America Awards Huge Money For Identifying Or Elimination Of Terrorists

Under Rewards for Justice Program (RJP) the names of those individuals are enlisted who most wanted or involved directly or indirectly in terrorist's activities against the USA. The list is prepared by FBI therefore, both the institutions are linked to each other. The RJP is a program of rewards that works under the administrative control of "Diplomatic Security Bureau" The legal approval of the program was accorded during 1984. The RJP is now the part of American constitution under the American war against terrorists through public clause 98-533 under section 2708-22. Under the act American Foreign Minister (Secretary of State) has the power to bestow upon awards to the people or informer assisting in arrest or identifying a person(s) involved or intending to attack American Installations, property or USA citizen anywhere in the world. Though the power is with the USA foreign Minister for rewarding but prior to it, all the secret agencies to certify the correctness or factual position of the information provided to them. FBI and CIA are the agencies that have to confirm the information. If information is received from outside the country then American Ambassador has to fulfill this responsibility. After the nominations of the informer is done then a committee called "Interagency" headed by the director of diplomatic security service discusses the information and the names of the informers in the light of the details provided by secret agencies. And if satisfied, recommend to the Secretary of State the award of rewards. The interagency committee includes high ranking officers of state department, National security council of White House, Justice, defense, finance and experienced officers of Homeland security.

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