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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tayyab Of Turkey Is An Unique Personality Of The Muslim World
It is expected that Justice party in Turkey will be in a position to make government in the next election.Tayyab Urdgan is an unique personality of the Muslim world who astonished his nation as mayor of Istanbul with his excellent performance before his premiership. When army abolished the government oif his leader Nazim Ud Din Arbakan, and his welfare party was banned then he and his fellows had to suffer great difficulties. He was also involved in a case because he had recited a poem in which he gave resemblance of mosques to the forts of islam and their minars as swords. Afterward his other fellows accompanied him and they constituted a new party on 14 August 2001 as Justice and Development Party under a strategy. After a few months of the formation of his new party the army back interim government announced general elections. Army thought that they would expell all the Islamist out of the country, but their thoughts collapsed when Tayyab Ardgan's party won 44 % of the votes and became the ruling party. But Tayyab was in illegible due to being sentenced by the court for taking part in politics. Meanwhile, Justice party formed government under the leadership of Abdullah Gul. When Tayyab Ardgan's sentence tenure expired he was elected to the parliament through by election and became prime minister as Abdullah resigned and started working as foreign minister.

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