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Friday, May 20, 2011

High Heel Shoes Harmful For Health

Now a days women mostly and some men too use high shoes to look attractive. But these type of shoes are harmful for health. Women think that high heel add to their attraction, but its continuous use, according to the experts cause internal physical defects. The fibers of socks shrink and get smaller, in this way walking stamina is effected negatively. Due to this, to energize the fibres of the tissues of socks the vein is expanded that links the tissues of bone of heel and sock. Therefore, the women using mostly high heels when wear other shoes feel pain in legs. If you are used to high heels then should do stretching exercise if feeling pain at night. The experts say that the effects of high heel shoes are not limited to the tissues of socks but cause the transformation of bone of leg. Due to using high heels extra ordinary pressure is exerted on the toe that effect the whole structure of the body. The experts suggest that high heel shoes be used when attending some important functions or be used off and on.

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