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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Biggest Fraud In The Medical History Of A Medical Researcher In The USA

Dr Scot Robin was granted $ 75000 from a pharmaceutical company to conduct research on a medicine, in the USA.His research results were published in a well-known medical journal. referring to his research findings published in the journal, many doctors taking it as a proof for the medicine to subside the post-surgery pain. But one thing was lacking in the references there was no identity of the patients who were the study units for the research. It was disclosed afterward that Dr Scot Robin had sent the baseless and bogus research paper for publication in the medical journal. It was not Dr Ronin's first fake research but he had committed the crime like this twice before. After the disclosure of his treachery one journal had to take back his 10 published scientific papers. Dr Robin was fired from the job, was fined $0.25 million, and was sentenced for 10 years imprisonment. Moreover he had to returned back $0.420 million to the pharmaceutical companies. It can be concluded from this type of act that a person used to compile results with out testing the medicine on the experimental subjects (patients), secondly, the so called medical journals carry out publishing fake research results. The other important point is that pharmaceutical companies continued extending grants to a fraudulent person, it is clear from all this factual story that medicine companies spend huge money for fake research in favor of their drugs. The other business and trade companies do all this through advertising but for the pharmaceutical companies this practice is most dangerous and a serious crime regarding human lives.

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