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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The "Qandhar's Devil" In Afghanistan

American helicopter on Sunday night at 01 am when reached Waziristan bungalow to arrest or kill Osama, guards were alert on the top of the roof. They fired rocket on the helicopters and one black hawk was hit that fell on the ground ( But miracle occurred and no American was injured even). The white house spokesman said that Obama was too grieved while seeing the the helicopter hit by Osama's guards. Obama was watching the operation live along with high ranking government officials in Langley, Virginia in the CIA headquarter. All the operational activities were telecast to the Langley, thousands miles away from Osama's residence because a commando present in the first row had cordless camera installed in his helmet and the video of this camera was being sent to RQ 70 spying drone through tans miter, that was present in space. This drone in Afghanistan is called "The Devil Of Qandhar". The drone transmiter had been trmansmitting the video to satellite above it and that was received in Langley. The residents of Bilal town got awakened with the noise of the helicopters and fire of rocket launcher and came out but Pushto speaking local CIA agents asked them to remain in homes anf do not come out. Then 2 dozen commandos came down to the compound through ropes they had night vision goggles and they confronted Sheikh Ahmad Alkuwaiti and his brother , both were killed. The wife of Alkuwaiti was shot dead too. Another young man who was said to be Hamza, 19 year old son of Osama was killed. Then the commandos clearing their way to Osama's room on third floor of the bungalow.

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