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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shameful Lies Of Bush Junior About Guantanamo

The numerous people that were jailed under baseless accusations in the world's biggest tortured cells in Guantanamo by the former president of the USA, the present president Obama has to suffer due to the shameful lies of Bush. Bush administration had order to torture the prisoners inhumanly accusing them of terrorism. These people were arrested in Afghanistan and then were filled in air tight containers like animals and wee dispatched to unknown places. During this inhuman transportation many died due to suffocation. The remaining alive people were kept in Guantanamo jail. They were not jailed in the United States because there they could not be retained with out presenting them in the courts. But now, a former army investigator has termed Bush's accusations as bundle of lies. This ex service man has written a book with changed name and disclosed the facts. The book "The Interrogators" written by the name of Cris Mackery discloses that no line of action was constituted while arresting these people, but any body in Afghanistan during the USA attack came in the way of Army soldiers was arrested and labelled as the worst terrorist. Among these people Arabs were arrested in majority than local Afghanis. These Arabs were those people called "Mujahids" ( fighters of holy war) by the USA, and who were imported by USA itself during the war against USSR. All these people were transported to Guantanamo.

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