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Monday, May 16, 2011

The First Proposal Was To Eliminate Osama With Bombardment, But Obama Rejected It

What the investigations have been conducted by the Pakistani agencies from Osama's Yemeni wife have not been shared with CIA due to lack of trust the CIA has shown while attacking Osama. When American government was confirmed that Osama is residing in the specified house, 5 high level meetings were held the USA president that was top secret and only few leading leaders attended these meetings. The foirst meeting was held in the white house on March 14,2011. The first proposal came to drop dozen bombs of 2000 ponds each to eliminate Osama from the earth. But, Obamarejected it because children and women would have been killed. They also wanted to get Osama's DNA to test whether actually he was killed or not. Finally commando action proposal was agreed upon. On 29 th of April 2011 when the world was participating on tv in the royal marriage celebrations, the plan was approved. Formerly, it was decided to two black hawk and two Chinook helicopters carrying 100 army men will leave from Balgram base in Afghanistan for Pakistan on the fixed date. American government clais that these helicopters also landed on Tarbela Ghazi Airbase because Pakistan has permitted USA already. Among the two army personnel only two dozens were commandos who had to carry out operation. CIA had prepared a copy of Osama's residence of paper board and had been practicing hard till the actual operation day. These 25 commandos belonged to Anti Terrorists Unit of Navy, Navy SEAL team 6.

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