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Monday, May 16, 2011

Navy SEAL Team 6-- An Extremely Secret Unit Of US Army

Navy SEAl team 6 is a secret unit of US military and no information are available about it anywhere. Only this is known that was constituted in 1980. At that time US army failed to get the 52 hostages released from the arrest of Iranian Islamists inspite of heavy struggle. Afterwards the SEAL unit succeeded in highly secret missions and adventurous situations that US army or government agencies do not dare to take responsibility of. Therefore the workers of the unit are called "Black Operativer" Though these commandos are the part of American navy but the guerrillas related to this unit are expert in fighting whether it is fight in the sea, land or air. Moreover they are equipped with latest electronic technology and weapons. They can speak different languages fluently, for example in the operation against Osama Pushtu speaking guerrillas were also included. Only those young men are recruited in the unit who are mentally and physically strong and can face each and every situation that may come in the way. According to actual plan US unit had to attack Waziristan bungalow on the night of 20 th April but as the sky was clear but there was a risk of helicopters to be visible from far off distance but on Sunday night the weather was cloudy and to minimize the noise of helicopters latest stealth technology was used. to avoid Pakistani radars the helicopters were not flown too high. The helicopters carried the radar jammer apparatuses. At last the Super Power of the world equipped with all the available latest technology left for killing its enemy No one, a single individual , the Osama Bin Laden.

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