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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Five Soft Drinks That Help Weight Loss

The secret of weight loss is not hidden in the thing that is in your plate but its secret is hidden in the thing what you have in your glass. Popular soft drinks e.g. fruit juices, and energy drinks have additional sugar in the form of carbohydrates that can effect your weight loss strategy negatively. Here we should have a look at the following 5 drinks that if used can help checking the increase in weight.
We all know about water and its importance for human life, however, it is an effective choice for weight loss. It may be commonly used water or flowing from a fountain, it must be preferred to beverages. If you think you get bored by simply drinking water you can use lemon or orange juice a bit or even tomato's, you will have taste in water and no additional calories you will get.
Juice of vegetables:-
Vegetable juice whether in sealed packs or in bottle or home made it is best for weight loss. It provides you starch and other nutrientd with out giving you additional calories. If you can get variety that has low sodium , it is the best one. Your stomach will feel full for longer time and you will enjoy its fast taste.
Tea with out milk:-
It is said about green tea that it hastens metabolic process and fastens the function of weight loss. It can be used as cold or hot. If honey is added to it it will be less sweeter drink. Try to be habitual with green tea without sugar. Green tea is full of oxidants and your body gets rid of toxins.

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