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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Serbia Had Developed Anti-Stealth Technology Years Ago, Why Not Pakistan?

Serbia, a country that is ten times smaller in area and has total population equal to Lahore city of Pakistan is included in third world countries has developed anti-stealth technology 12 years ago. Serbia, can now monitor any stealth plane on its radars and can hit it if that is violating its aerial territory. Pakistan which is an atomic power and its army is the best in the world can not even see the helicopters that cross the boundaries and do what ever they like. The hero of this story is the general Zolten Dani who when came to know about the stealth technology of USA, he started working along with Serbian army to make anti stealth system. They made some scientific changes in in their 1960 radars and concluded that if the the frequency of radars is decreased and wave length increased the waves of radar could reach the internal surface of the plane because the coating of the material that is outside is not done internally. Then the waves of radar will return back after touching the internal surface of plane that would be detected by the radars. General Zolten's this technology benefited his country when a stealth F 117 plane crossed Serbian border during war. USA had manufactured 62 stealth planes and it costed $42 million each. When stealth came inside Kosovo radars detected it and was hit by anti air Kraft misile and within seconds turned it into pieces. This technology is not only with USA but China has made J-20 stealth, Japan made Shun Shun fighter that will join Japan airforce in 2014, and India with the collaboration of Russia has made Sakhoi T-20 stealth plane that was tested successfully on 29th January 2010 and will included in Indian Air force soon. What Pakistan is doing . Waiting another operation like Abbottabad's?

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