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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Iranian President Did Not Attend To Official Duty For 2 weeks

What has happened in Iran during the last two weeks has astonished the world. It has been considered that Iranian president Mahmood Alnijad and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamnaei are united before the internal and external opposition. But it was seen that case was quite opposite. The struggle for powers between the two leaders has risen to peak. Astonishing and interesting step was taken by the president by leaving all the official activities of the state for two weeks. It was known that he was at home in the east of Tehran and did not even go to presidential office. Some information came out of his residence that he was thinking about resigning as the president of Iran. He did not attend the meetings of cabinet that are held weekly. Why did not he attend the cabinet meetings no body knew. He also canceled his visit to Qum too. Why the situation reached to a such tense situation? According to information president had asked the Minister of Intelligence Haidar Muslahi to resignand the minister resigned on April 17th. However, on other side the supreme leader Khamnei directed Muslahi to continue. Ahmadi Nazad got angry on the interruption of supreme leader in the presidential affairs. Under the Iranian constitution president selects the cabinet members and parliament approves the names of the cabinet members. President can dismiss the members too but he has to give the reasons. The sources near to president say that supreme leader has to follow the rules and regulations. If the president was not satisfied with the performance of any cabinet member he had the power to exclude him but under the constitution president to explain the reasons in next step but before president could explain his this action, supreme leader got involved into the matter.

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