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Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Rewards For Justice Program" Of The USA

The war against world terrorism has stuck to the nerves of The USA and Western leadership. This is a war that is fought by the western world and USA on many fronts. They are taking advantage of not only the most modern technology but their agents use political tactics too. The drones are one of the examples of tyhe latest technology latest war technology. The war against terrorism is usually taken as started after 9/11 but it is not the fact, but the USA had been fighting decades ago war like this against all those who resist in any way the intentions of the USA and this war created 9/11. After 9/11 USA termed its military capabilities as best and the latest of the world. Similarly, the USA presented its secret agency system of being the best administratively and free of any shortfall or deficiency. In fact, if American military history is searched one can know that the USA depended on the old traditional ways of extending financial incentive to the local people of the country thousands miles away from its boundaries,it wants to keep in hands, and forming puppet government that can be made to dance on its finger points, rather than using modern military techniques and gained some successes. Though the USA has the best latest technology , no doubt that includes tiny cameras equal to a common house fly head and hundreds of its satellite in the space. So USA and its allies use financial benefits for the local community to get hold of its enemies. The USA has given this financial incentives a name called," Rewards For Justice Program."

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