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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pak-Us Relations Extra-Osama Incident

If the USA breaks its strategic relations with Pakistan, then millions of NATO and ESAF forces in Afghanistan will not only remain with out any logistic support, but the invader army's supply line will also be cut off that that USA has no substitute for. Though American authorities issue precautionary statements off and on that have alternate routes for the supply to NATO forces. But having a look at the map of the region it it seems that USA's claims are baseless regarding other route for supply. The passage through Iran is more than impossible and no question arises that USA can use any route. If USA searches for supply route through newly freed Russian states, it will be so costly that a country who is burdened already with huge expenditures of war adventures may not be in a position to afford than the Pakistani routes. The most cheapest , shortest and safest( some times not so) to Afghanistan is through Pakistan. The readers can imagine the prices of the items passing through the most difficult and longest mountainous routes of Mid eastern Asian states. Therefore, it is not easy for the USA at present to break relations with Pakistan. The magnitude of the mutual need from both sides is equal, As much Pakistan needs the USA , it needs too Pakistan that much. Howe ever, there is no sincerity in relations from both sides. People of Pakistan are fed up with the upper hand of USA and slavish like attitude of Pakistani rulers.

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