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Sunday, May 22, 2011

General Elections In Turkey-- Ruling Party Justice Party Hopeful For Success For Third Time

The three ministers of Justice Ruling Party have resigned from their offices during last week. The ministers were Communications, Law and Home, but they did not resign some dispute within the party, but under the Turkish constitution, the ministers for the above ministries have to resign from offices 3 months before the general elections ( A lesson for Pakistani Ministers from Brotherly Muslim Country The Turkey). It is for to guaranty the transparency of the elections. Though Turkey is among those few countries where elections are most impartial and transparent, Salute to My Brother of Turkey. Now prime minister Tayyab Ardgan will appoint three such impartial personalities who will from none of the political party. The general election will be held June 12, 2011. The election race is between Prime Minister's Justice Party, Opposition party Republican People's Party and Milli Harkat Party. Government party is presenting its success stories while opposition parties are promising to provide more facilities to common man. According to the public opinion, ruling party is leading, and it is hoped that ruling party would gain 44 % of the votes and be on number one. While survey says that Republican Party of Dar Oghlo would be second with 24 % ballots. Similarly, right wing party Milli Party is expected to obtain 14 % votes, party is led by Hagh chilli. According other sources and surveys Justice party may gain 51 to 54 % of the votes. Political experts say that the performance of Justice pasrty remained so significant that it may get 50 % votes. In this way this party will become near to the success of last century success of Adnan Mandarees whose party had 50 % of the votes. (Sorry for the names that might have been wrongly spelled out)

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