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Monday, May 16, 2011

How Was The Operation "Jironemo" Kept Secret?

American Agents were after Abu Ahmad like a shadow. After a few days Sheikh went to Abottabad and entered a house that was like a fort. The construction and vastness of the house made agent alert. This three sorey building had 18 feet high boundary wall that had barbed wires above. There were seen cable of any sort meaning the residents did not use telephone or internet but dish antenna was installed on the roof. This house belonged to two brothers from Waziristan therefore, was called "Waziristan House". CIA started monitoring the residents, and shot many pictures of the house and the residents through satellites. They also set spying centre around the house. For all this CIA needed money. CIA requested congress to release money. Local agents were hired and through them devices were installed within house to listen the voices. The monitoring was done 24 hours of the house by using telephoto lens. Astonishing is that if Osama was rthere who was the most wanted person in the world by the USA, who was so cunning and clever that did not give chance to CIA to be aware of him anywhere , he remained unaware of all the activities of CIA? This is a Big Question? According to American government the pretense of Osama was proved when his voice was heard through microphones installed inside. They matched his voice with his speeches already with CIA. They say it matched to Osama's voice. The agents hiding in a building nearby shot a picture of Osama that was so clear that it was sent to USA president. Now Americans were confirmed that Osama was in the bungalow. Now they did not need CIA centre around the house so they closed it during February. These were the days when Raymond Davis case came to light. Americans do not tell that how many people were involved in this search campaign.

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