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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is Really Osama Killed By USA Now? A Big Question

The major dispute prevailing on Osama's death is that US refused to release pictire of his dead body. It is said that there is deep wound in Osama's skull and Muslims will be sentimental after viewing his dead body and they can use this photograph against the USA as symbol. All these statements of USA after Osama's death indicated that the operation was conducted to gain some special benefits, otherwise Osama was not living in Abottabad. Experts in USA think that Osama died in 2001, and USA was waiting for a special occasion to announce his death as a surprise and they found the proper time. Because , Obama is in difficult position to prove that he was born in the USA, secondly his popularity graph was falling and it was obvious that he would not be elected for the second term. Other important reason was to pressurize Pakistan who was struggling to break the shackle of US slavery and was fed up of America's war against terrorism, as its people wre being killed daily by drone attacks and in suicidal bombing. Pakistan also wanted to expel US secret agents from the country. Therefore, this particular bungalow was targetted that was near Pakistan's Military Academy, so that world can be shown that Pakistan itself was hiding Osama. It is also considered by American and foreign experts that Osama was not responsible for 9/11 because twin towers could not be demolished only by hitting the planes or burnt by their fuel rather collapsing of towers within minutes was caused by the bombs already installed in the building. The scientists and architecture experts say that towers could only be collapsed with in seconds when controlled demolishing is used. But , the 9/11 was conducted by a plan that provided ground to attack Afghanistan and then Pakistan.

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