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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Egypt Will Soon Open Rafah Border To Neutralize Israel Econimic Sanctions

Israel has shown its anger on the progress of reconciliation process between Hamas and Fatah. It has stopped the transfer of tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority under the leadership of Mahmud Abbas. The Israeli Foreign minister has said that the custom and other revenues money will not be released to the Palestinian authority till it gets assurance that Hamas will not receive the revenues. The revenues amount to $ 90 million that are transferred every month to Palestinian Authority. The transferring of revenues is the part of peace agreement between the authority and the Israeli government. On other side the announcement of Egypt to open Rafah border to ease the Palestine of economic sanctions. The Egyptian foreign minister Dr Nabeel Alarabi has said that it was shameful for Egypt during Mubarak regime to be with Israel against Palestinians for economic blockage. He said that Egypt will do all it can to help Palestinians and the residents of Gaza . A senior facilitator of Palestinian Authority Sain Ariqat has welcomes the announcement of for opening Rafah border. A Hamas government spokesman said that residents of Gaza have to carry out trade with Israel worth $ 10.7 million and if this trade is between a Muslim country or Egypt that will help solving the Palestinian's problem and will benefit Islamic World directly. The Israeli Vice Prime Minister has expressed great concern over the Egypt 's announcement of opening Rafah border. He said it will give way to arms supply to Palestine and entry to terrorists. He also called his nation to be ready for any change in the region due to current protests waves around. An important negative development for Israel is that it remained lonely and its gaurd father is not helping it openly. Israel is in hot waters due to farness of its European allies. After Hosne Mubarak no ally of Israel remained in the region. It seems that Israeli position on the issue of Palestine has become weaker. It will have to recognize Hamas along with many bitter facts spreading around in the changing Middle East.

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