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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Environment Is Being Polluted By Humen Beings With The Waste Materials

Today the modern world is polluting the environment with the speed that was never done before in the history. The developed country in the name of capturing the universe and getting the luxuries of life, have created so much waste that neither be disposed off nor human being can get rid of. Thee no statistics available for Pakistan, so waste items data about the USA is presented here. In the USA a common office employee uses 500 disposable cups in a year. All the Americans in a year use so much high number of paper and plastic cups that if all these used cup could be spread around the globe one by one and side by side, will make three hundred rows around the earth. American create more than 0.3 million tons waste by using 10 million plastic shopping bags every year that can not be biodegraded. When the oils in the engines of motor cycles or other vehicles is changed that also cause the pollution of water. The changed oil of 3 motor cycles or one car can pollute one million of clean water for a long time. The American throw 120 million gallons of oil and airlines and airports create 425,000 tons traveling waste material. During 2007, 140.3 million mobile phones, 2.25 million ton of TV and computer were thrown away as waste materials. According to an estimate if this number of mobiles could be recycle instead of thrown away will produce that much energy by which 18500 houses in the USA can get electricity for one year. Now let us have a look at the time that these wastes take to decompose. The packs of milk Tetra pack will take 5 years, cigarettes 12 years, leather shows 40-50 years, plastic bags of different quality and properties will take 15-1000 years to decompose. Similarly, Nylon jackets and cloths will take 30-40 years, a modern facility of babies and women the sanitary napkins and diapers take 800 years, and glass bottles will take one million years to get decomposed. While plastic bottles and cans will never decompose. Now imagine what we are leaving for our future generations? Polluted air , polluted environment.?

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