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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pakistan Is Entangled Between The Two Worst Enemies

The United States Of America had never been Pakistan's sincere friend. It has its own interests that USA keeps on priority. The USA had been tested several times specially in Afghan war against USSR and then against so called war against terrorism. It makes Pakistan front man every time USA is in trouble due to Pakistan's strategic location. It backs Pakistan till USA gets all the benefits from the sacrifices pf Pakistani people and leaves it alone on the mercy of enemies. In case of Raymond Davis the USA pressurized Pakistan so much that it had to pay the blood money to heirs of Fahim and others and released the killer. Now the USA killed Osama Bin Laden keeping the gun on Pakistan's shoulders and again blaming that why USA was not informed before about the hide out of Bin Laden. There in the USA the Embassador of Pakistan to USA has announced that enquiry will be conducted to investigate the ignorance of Pakistani agencies from the residence of Osama , only 60 km from Islamabad and at a distance of 100 meters from the Pakistan Military Academy in Bilal Town of Abbotabad. On other side Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan has warned of revenge of Osama's death and announced that Pakistani leadership will be its first target and USA the second. Unfortunate Pakistani common people will be killed if Taliban hit any target because leadership is enjoying the security and safety iron walls around them.
Other side, different information about Osama's death are being disclosed by various sources. It is said that a call of Osama's Aid was traced a year back that led to Osama's fort. When one of Osama bin Laden's most trusted aides picked up the phone last year, he unknowingly led US pursuers to the doorstep of his boss, the world's most wanted terrorist.
That monitored phone call, recounted Monday by a US official, ended a years-long search for bin Laden's personal courier, the key break in a worldwide manhunt. The courier, in turn, led US intelligence to a walled compound in Abottabad, where a team of Navy SEALs shot bin Laden to death

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