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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fake And Bogus Medical Research Papers Are Being Published In Medical Research Journals

Many people complain that we consulted a doctor but did not get any recovery from disease with his prescription. Then doctor on the demand of patient suggest another medicine. This often happens. Any drug is to be tested before it is prescribed by doctors or marketed on volunteer patients then its effects and side effects are observed and the findings are to be published in reputed and recognized medical journals. The administration of the journal makes it assured that the article to be published is true and original. For having surity the samples of the medicine are sent to concerned department who analuze the sapmles chemically and check the research results and after being fully satisfied the drug is allowed to be marketed. Though there are many medical scientists who sincerely carry out research and when they find any drug beneficial to the mankind they get their results published, comments and discussions are done on the publications and after long procedure the medicine is released to the market for the treatment of peculiar diseases. But there are fraudulent, cheaters. deceivers and professionally dishonest researchers who put thousands of lives to death risks with their bogus, self-made data and fake findings. In these crimes and frauds, big pharmaceutical companies are involved too for the sake of money.
Many cases of medical research frauds have been reported in the USA. The biggest medical fraud in the history, in the field of medical research was that of American Doctor and Researcher, Scott Robin. When investigation was started against him, he confessed the fake data, bogus and baseless research in the medical field and based on this bogus research various papers published in medical journals.

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