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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Contradicting Statements Of The USA Regarding The Death Of Osama

When in the of Monday as the breaking news spread through out the world about Osama's killing, different countries responded differently. People in the USA started dancing with joy, while in the Islamic countries common people showed their sorrow and grieves. A picture of injured Osama was downloaded and released on internet but it was proved to be fake. Some people say it indicates that Osama was alive and it is just an American drama. Some said Osama died in 2001 and this drama was played to fulfill some special and vested interests of the USA. In the age of an independent media several rumours had been floating in the world. The first dispute was of Osama's sea burial that arose anger among the Muslims from Turkey to Algeria and Egypt. The Islamic scholars criticized USA for not burrying his dead body on the ground and neither offering funeral prayers (Though USA claims to do so but with no proofs). They said that Muslim can be thrown after offering prayers in an Islamic way if a Muslim dies in a vessel that is too far from the land and can take several days to reach the land. While, in Osama case this did not happen. Therefore, USA insulted Islam and the Muslims. Some experts say that USA was afraid of building Osama's Moesuleam by some people and dead Osama would have been more dangerous than alive one for the USA. Another dispute came to light when USA had been changing its statement repeatedly. It was said that Osama fought with the commandos but it was not true because he was unarmed. Secondly, it was said he hide himself behind her wife but this statement was wrong too. The statement issued from white house said that Khalid, Osama's son was killed but again it was changed that Hamza was killed. This much contradictory statements is not an ordinary event because Obama himself was watching all the details along with other high ranking officers.

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