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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fundamentalists, Extremists And Racist Old Englishmen

Some people think and rightly thinks that whether blacks or colored people are highly educated or are having high official status they will remain illiterate, un-mannered, uncivilized ignorant and uncultured near the fundamentalist English people or western. Some lesson like this was taught to Mashal Hussain, a famous BBC news reader and a daughter of Pakistani parents, while she was purchasing grocery in London super store, Waite Rose , near her home, the day Osama was killed. Her three naughty kids 6 year Rafael, 4 year twin brothers Musa and Zaki were with her too. Kids of this age are naughty of course, whether they are born to Americans or Britishers or blacks. (I myself have observed the naughtiness of American kids who spread every thing in the store hither and thither in K-mart, Wall-mart and Shop ko etc and the sales girls are collecting and arranging all the items again and again). An old English man did not like the kids of Mashal running and playing in the store. He shouted on Masshal saying you people could not learn attiquates and manners yet, your kids must behave like English kids. Mashal was naturally angry and replied to old man but before the matter could extend further the store administration had to handle it smoothly. Afterward she wrote this event on twitter. It is a fact fundamentalists of west show hatred anywhere they find chance. But , the eastern had to tolerate all their anger and hatred of these people for the luxuriant life of western people.

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