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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spare Parts Of Human Body

Whatever the machine is in use during this age, its spare parts are available in the market. So why not the spare parts of human body? This idea was conceived by two American companies, Economy Tech and Argonove. They invented a 3-D Bio Printer Machine, but this machine is neither a book nor magazine. This machines has been invented to prepare human liver,kidneys and teeth etc. Macines prepares the parts from body cells so human body accepts these parts. An experimental specimen of the machine has been invented yet, if this experiment succeeded then revolution will occur in the medical history. Because patient will save time for waiting the transplant of the part, but they will place order for the body part and it will be ready in no time. Thus human being may defeat the death.
Human Body will generate electricity:-
Every movement of human being generates energy. For example when we respire once it generates one watt energy and every step we take generates 70 watts electricity. Therefore scientists are trying to invent such apparatuses that can be benefited from human energy. The scientist of Princeton University America Michael Mac Spine has electricity generating Cristal cells from a rubber like material. If these are fitted in shows at required place generate electricity when they turn. If these cells remain in the shows whole day can generate so much electricity that can recharge your mobile set or can run pocket radio for an hour. In Paris scientists have conducted an astonishing experiments, they have installed such apparatuses at the metro stations that collect human body heat and this heat is transmitted to nearby hospital to keep it warm. French government is extending this project now.

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