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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Song Karaan-- Water Throwing Festival In Thailand

Every nation and country has some traditional festivals and religious sects within country celebrate their religious festivals too. In India Hindus celebrate "Holy" and "Deevali", in the first festival people including men women of all ages throw colored water or colors on each other, while in the later "diyas" a traditional light giving lamps are lit on houses and streets. Christians celebrate Christmas as religious festival and other festivals too like Easter or Good Fridays. Muslims celebrate wo Eids, one at the end of Fasting month the "Ramazan" and other in the memory of Prophet Hazrat Ismail's (AWS) Great Sacrifice.
In Thailand (Once called Siam), where majority is of Budhists, celebrate Song Karaan, from 13th to 15 of each year as new year festival. The meaning of the word is "Way Of Sky" in the ancient language of India, the Sanskrit. The festival in Thailand is celebrated during the hottest days and at the end of dry weather. When this festival got started the traditional first day of the year is celebrated as a national holiday in Thailand. The Hindus throw colors on each other while in Thailand water is thrown. The festival got so much popularity that but it is celebrated in countries around Thailand too, it extended to far eastern countries. The actual and worth seeing celebrations are seen in the northern city of Thailand, the Chiang Mai. Where it remains continued for six days or more. The foreign tourists are attracted by this interesting and attractive festival and many come to Thailand specially to see this festival.

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