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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Films Have Been Shot About Guantanamo By Human Rights Organizations

When the investigation was conducted against the 517 people jailed in Guantanamo by PENTAGON, no allegation could be proved against 200 people and they were released. Out of remaining people arrested there could be found some weaker base against 33 prisoners to be convicted. At the completion of 10 years of the Guantanamo bay prisoners protests were held for the release of these people by Human rights organizations in Newyork and Washington. Obama is also following the same policy that was of Bush. Now , the human Rights organizations have shot films to creat awareness among the people about the innocent prisoners. These include "outside the law" and "Stories from Guantanamo" The later film has been directed by Andi Worthington and the producer is Poly Nash. The stories of Umar Wafice and that of Muazzam Baig have been shot in the film. They were arrested when they were living in the neighboring countries in their homes during 2002, and while they were hundreds miles away from the Afghan war zone. The director of the film had a visit of England accompanied by Umar and showed the film to students and political people. Umar narrated the stories of worst torture in Guantanamo before the students. He told that secret agents from England were also among those who tortured him. Later, the director wanted to visit the USA with Umar but he was not allowed along with prisoner of Guantanamo. During 2009 the Legal adviser of White house Greeg had plan under which the innocent prisoners could be released, those belonged to Singkiang province of China but due to some unknown reasons they could not be sent to their country so the plan was not implemented. On this occasion republicans opposed Obama politically and tried to start a campaign against the illegal steps of Obama administration due to which USA failed to send these people to third country and Obama's difficulties have been increased. If awareness among the people is created Obama Administration may be forced to release them.

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