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Sunday, May 15, 2011

How Did USA Reach To Osama? If It Is True

the USA says that Osama was seen in 2001 in the Tora Bora hills then he disappeared. They found a clue while searching Osama during 2004, when a prisoner in Guantanamo jail and worker of Al qaeda, Hassan Gul told Americans that Osama blibdly trusts his messenger Sheikh Abu Ahmad. He also told that Abu Ahmad is the only source that remains in contact with Osama's head of administration, Faraj Ila lahi. According to Hassan Abu Ahmad was a fat man with thick beard and belonged to Kuwait. CIA knew that Osama does not use internet or any other electronic device otherwise they could trace him. So messenger of Osama got high importance for CIA. The messenger was the only source through which they could reach to Osama. Americans did not know about Abu Ahmad so they tortured Sheikh Khalid and Abu Faraj. Abu Faraj confessed that he got to know through Sheikh Ahmad that he (Abu Faraj) was appointed operational commander in place of Khalid. Due this disclosure American understood that Sheikh Ahmad is the most trustworthy and nearest person to Osama. Now the CIA agents started to searching Abu Ahmad in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Gradually they got to know that his full name was Abu Ahmad Alkuwaiti and his brother was Osama's messenger too. CIA was spending huge money for search of Abu Ahmad and local agents were paid as much money as they demanded. After a long and tiring attempts for 6 years they found Abu Ahmad during August 2010 in Peshawar when he was driving white Suzuki car.

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