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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Us And Britain Are Spreading Deception Net For Pakistan Again

The words Us president and British PM uttered for Pakistan are the same that were sincerely and truly said by China president. Our leaders must differentiate between the false statements and true heartily offers, if they have understanding. In the world China is the only true and sincere friend of Pakistan. Pakistan must not be mislead by US and Britain's statements. They need Pakistan but Pakistan must consult China before extending re-friendship hands to both Lie rs. Both said in chorus:-
US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron extended their support to Pakistan in its fight against terrorism, making it clear that they don’t intend to ‘walk away’ from the beleaguered state reeling from terror attacks.
Addressing a joint press conference on Wednesday under open skies in garden of Lancaster House, Cameron and Obama termed Pakistan crucial for peace in Afghanistan.
Cameron said that allies must work with Pakistan more closely than ever, not turn away. He said Pakistan has suffered mightily in the fight against extremism.
“People are asking questions about our relationship, so we need to be clear: Pakistan has suffered more from terrorism than any other country in the world. Their enemy is our enemy,” Cameron said. "Far from walking away we’ve got to work even more closely with them,” he said.
UK Prime Minister said the US killing of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was “a strike right at the heart of international terrorism” and that Britain and the US must work closely with Pakistan in the future. “We can defeat al Qaeda,” Cameron said.
President Obama said there was need of close collaboration between Islamabad and Kabul governments. "Al Qaeda is as much Pakistan’s enemy as it is ours,” Obama added. He said Taliban were never well-wishers of Pakistan and Afghanistan and they must respect constitution of Afghanistan by dropping their weapons and breaking connection with Al Qaeda. “We would not allow terrorists to make safe havens in Afghanistan,” US President said. Both Britain and US agreed on the need to give top priority in the coming months to efforts to engage Taliban insurgents in a peace process in Afghanistan. “Now is the moment to step up our efforts to reach a political settlement,” Cameron said.

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