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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Story Of Four Brothers ( One Being Shoab Akhtar)

Malik Akhtar of Pakistan had 4 sons but unfortunately three of them were suffering from a disease called "Hyper Extensive Joints" of bones. In this disease the joints of the patients extend vastly and body parts are deformed. The elder brother of 4, Shahid was fond of sports and in a ground near Morgah he started playing cricket and football and constituted his team, he was a good player but due to lack of guidance he could not progress in this field. Tahir Akhtar was younger than the first he was also fonf of games but could not tay longer in the ground and got a job. Third brother Obaid Akhtar tried too to play cricket, but he was good in study so he continued his edducation instead of playing. Shoab Akhtar was the youngest brother, he could not be a player due to four major defects in his body. His feet were flat and patient is called "flat footed". The patients suffering from this disease are unable to run, jump or climb the wall or to higher point. Therefore nobody in the world suffering from flat footed disease could be a player. Another defect Shoab had was that of Hyper extensive joints and his disease was of extremely serious type. His arms and legs used to hang in the air. He started walking in the age of 5 years. His another defect was that of Asthma. He suffered from whooping cough and it affected his lungs. Another defect he had was that of his attitude and mood. He thought to the extreme extent. His parents, his friends and his brothers and sisters were hopeless about his future. He was not good at study too. Then a miracle occurred and this child entered in the cricket field and astonished the world with his fast bowling.

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