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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Great People Who Sacrifice Their Today For Next Generation's Better Tomorrow

A recent research revealed that Pakistan's temperature will rise by 2.8 degrees Celsius during next 50 years. While in the hilly areas temperature will rise more and due to melting of glaciers rivers will flow with more than their capacity and having no new dams in Pakistan the water will fall in the sea and floods will destroy the remaining cities and villages that were safe during the last year's floods. To get benefits of electricity and in the agriculture sector construction of new dams are crucial for the country. Pakistan musty learn from those sensible people of the world who are preparing their countries to face the global warming. Among them some are listed below.
A Sensible Ruler:-
If you want to see the natural beauty at its peak then visit Maldive. Clean air, beautiful coast, greenery refresh one's spirit of mind. But a great tragedy is waiting to swallow this paradise on earth. This beautiful tiny country may diminish from the face of earth and sea may replace it till the end of current century. The global warming due to industrial development has not been caused by Maldive but it will be the first target of this menace. But the Great Leader Of this smaller country 42 years Muhammad Nasheed, who make his country get rid of dictatorship, is determined to struggle for his country safety till his last breath. Rather he is the champion of war against global warming. He has announced that after 2020, his country will not use petrol, coal or wood as fuel but they will make use of alternate energy sources of solar and air power energy. Then Maldive will become the first country whose vehicles or factories would not ooze corbon dioxide and will be free of co2. This will be a great honor for him and for Maldive. President of Maldeve in his Green Message says, " I go to my office on foot thus environment remains clean and I also talk to my people on the way to office." The Great People like Muhammad Nasheed can defeat the nature. (Continued)

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