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Friday, May 6, 2011

Fake-Data Based Medical Research By Erik Polman In The USA

A medical Doctor Erik Polman received million of dollars grants from the USA government from 1992 to 2000 for conducting research. He got published more or less 20 research results in medical journals on different topics of study. But all these publications were based on bogus data, fake and cooked results and fake findings. His research topics included obesity, irregular menstruation periods in middle age women, aging, and hormone supplements. His grants were banned and was sentenced for one year and one day and was directed to take back his all the publications published in medical journals when his research was found bake. Another doctor who was working in Sivan Caring Cancer Institute during 1974, spotted a white mouse with black marker to prove his research on new skin grafting technique to be successful. Bur his this fraud was caught but he argued that due to mental pressure tension and physical fatigue he committed this blunder. His this fraud research created a new term in medical text books as " painting the mice". ice President Al-gore who was congress member at that time voiced in the House and American Congress passed a resolution to take strict actions against the violators of the medical research rules.

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