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Friday, May 27, 2011

Review Of Heavy Metals In The SoilAlong National Highway N-5 In Pakistan ---PCSIR

The report conducted by Pakistan Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research for a review of heavy metals along the National Highway N-5 comprising of 9 samples from Lahore to Karachi revealed that quantity of carcinogenic metals like lead that are included in the environment from fuel and paints, and mercury that is added to air from hospital's waste materials, used batteries, switches and energy savers were 45 times more than acceptable quantity. This sort of polluted flowing with the rain waters enters in the agricultural fields, drinking water reservoirs and in the air. We respire this polluted air, drink polluted water and eat polluted agricultural commodities (vegetables and fruits etc). In the cities rate of pollution is higher than villages.
The electricity generating ship of Turkish company that has anchored near Korangi is exploding clouds of polluted smoke and material for the residents of thickly populated area. EIA has treacherously shown the smoke direction of furnace oil toward sea while actually the opposite winds take this direct to the city area. More over, marine life is endangered due to the warming of sea water because of cooling the engines of generators illegally. The earning source of fishermen is also at great risk.

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