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Friday, December 31, 2010

A Worth Following Movement Of "Right To Information Act" In India

India is our apparent and hidden enemy since the creation of Pakistan and division of sub-continent. India imposed three wars upon us, patronizing terrorist's activities through Afghanistan in Baluchistan. Not accepting the UN resolutions of self-determination right of Kashmiris. Poverty is more and corruption is less than Pakistan, democracy is a quite betters than ours, secularism is just limited to slogans never applied in real sense what is in reality is extremism of Hinduism and India is a Hindu religious state. But, Indians have established some good examples that must be followed by our government and society. Among these one is the "Freedom of Information Act' approved and passed by Indian Parliament during 2002. If our parliament get free of horse trading and members get rid of blaming each other then they must think for the benefit and welfare of the masses.
It was in 1990 that Indian government started a project in Rajhistan state to eliminate unemployment.Under the project local laborers and farmers were employed for the construction of government offices, roads and other construction of other buildings in the state and were payed higher than those prevailing in the market. But, some educated and clever laborers realized that they were still payed less than they were employed promised for. They asked the concerned officers about the wages they told that they were payed according to the approved rates and rules. When the employees asked about the records and documents in which their salaries were approved and they paid but they were refused because those were secret files. But a kind young officer showed them the secret documents that revealed they were paid more less than they had to be. They were also shown the bills that revealed the corruption of local bodies member who received higher payments against the low expenditure of completion of construction of various projects. From here the movement of right to information started that resulted in the bill passed in the parliament.

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