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Friday, December 17, 2010

Pakistan: A country Rich in Mineral, Natural And Agricultural Resources

The people of the none of the country in the world would be unfortunate like Pakistanis are. The unluckiness of the people is not the fault of any person of the country , but the incapable, insincere, selfish, corrupt, non-patriotic leadership whether military or civil is to blame for this. The people of the country which is the most richest in natural resources of most of the countries in the world suffer troubles of load-shedding of electricity, natural gas, CNG in addition to price-hike in food items. The rulers of the country that has 175 bn tons of coal in 8 blocks of the 9000 square km area of District Tharparker, can not explore the coal mines and produce electricity for people but get power generating plants on rent and supply electricity to the people on highest rates that are no where in the world. Why? Due to Kick backs. During the current winter season when electricity consumption is the minimum , load shedding is continued because the production is 10981 and demand is 11943 Megawatts.
Pakistan has the world largest network of canals , but we are starving, Why.? Though the production of agricultural commodities is enough for the country and we are self-sufficient. Due to mismanagement, commission on imports, corruption and smuggling to neighboring countries people have to wait in ques for purchasing flour. Then our cabinet decides to import wheat.
Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao has arrived in Pakistan on a three-day official visit. Dozens of chief executives of companies and 150 business leaders are accompanying the Chinese premier.
The visit will be a unique opportunity for the two countries to enhance their trade and commercial ties. Many commercial deals will be signed during the visit.
Up to $20 billion worth of projects with Chinese help have been completed in Pakistan ( Chashma Hydro Power Projects, Indus High Way). Work on projects of $14 billion is continuing at present (Gomal Zam Project), while projects of another $20 billion are expected to be signed between the two sides.
It is expected that on this occasion starting the projects of electricity generation, exploration of coal reservoirs in Thar will be signed. The China is the only sincere friend of Pakistan that will complete the projects. Chinese engineers and workers have been already working in Pakistan in very critical security situations , but they never left Pakistan due to security reasons rather sacrificed their lives for friendly country.

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