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Monday, December 27, 2010

2 G Spectrum--- The Biggest Monetary Fraud In Indian History

A Raja, a Mmember of Indian Assembly who belongs to Tamil Nado after taking over as the Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology in his first address to the parliament said that he would bring a revolution in the Telecoms Industry. During his first 3 months period he signed such contracts on August, 2007 with 7 companies in the Telecom Sector that have created hue and cry all over the country. He signed these contracts on the rates that were 6 years back in the country where as situation has largely changed within these 6 years. During 2001 only 4 million people used mobile phone while at the time of signing contract 0.35 billion people had mobile phones in India. A Raja signed the contracts with the companies that related somehow to his family members. Those officers of the Ministry who opposed these contracts were fired. Two officers objecting the contract with Swan Telecom were transferred. At this point the officers opposing the contracts were dismissed diverted the attention of many government agencies to this matter. Chief Vigilance Commission is a department that under the Indian constitution is an independent authority that is responsible for cleaning the government departments from corruption and keeping an eye on any doubtful dealings. The commission realized some thing wrong and started the investigation itself into the matter and they found such a big monetary corruption scandal that every member of the commission got stunned. Chief Vigilence Commission sent a show cause notice to the Ministry on 15th of November 2008 and on other side submitted a detailed report of the case to PM Dr Man Mohin Singh and recommended to bring A Raja to the court. The corruption of the Minister was bright clear but still the commission had no solid proofs. Then the Indian Income Tax Department with the permission of home ministry started collecting the pros through tapping the phones of suspicious people. The corruption was so clear that on October 21, 2008 the major Indian Investigating department Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) launched a FIR against the Ministry.

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