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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Machines that Consumes Less Water and Energy

As the water and energy crisis are encircling the world, so the the scientists at Leads University of England have invented a washing machine that consumed 90 % less water and 98 % less electricity as compared to the machines in use today. In this machines, the beads of reusable nylon polymer are used to wash and clean the clothes and remove the spots. To wash the clothes the beads and washing powder mixed are put in only one cup of water. When the clothes get wet the beads absorb all the dirt and the water and get out of machine automatically. These beads can be used for 100 times to clean the clothes. The experts have named this machine as "Xerox" in Greek it mean "Dry". This machine will be available next year in the market.
In hospital the equipment facilitating the patients with artificial respiration (breathing) costs $ 40,000, therefore costly equipments like this are mostly lacking in several hospitals. If the equipment is needed urgently for a patient, and in the non-availability of this patient can die. Keeping in view this problem, an American an American Doctor Matheo Kolikan has invented cheaper artificial breather. Its basic part is pressure sensor that costs only $10 and it can be used in the blood pressure monitor too. Dr Matheo "one breath" equipment conveys oxygen to lungs through mouth. Its sensor records how much oxygen is present in the lungs and the data reaches to a software that calculates how much more is needed. This invention is more useful for developing countries where breathing equipments usually are not available. This will be available during next year on commercial scale. This portable equipment can be taken any where and it can work using 12 volts battery that can retain its charge for six hours.

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