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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Inspite of Some Economic Progress All Is Not Well In India

Experts say that though India has gained some economic targets but, still it can not be termed as a Role Model. Western and Indian media is presenting India as a "Powwer House" of 21 1st century. Indians are trying to have a permanent seat in UN Security Council and President too has favored it but due to the reasons well known to the world, Indian claim for this is just a propaganda.
The fact is that In India, the so-called future "Super Power" 400 mn people, today even are living below the poverty line and they are so poor that they do not have the basic facilities of life including clean drinking water, and electricity. They are living in stone age. Among those who are above poverty line 600 mn people have daily earning as Rs 100 - 200 ( $ one and half to three). How a country with so large number of poors can be a super power of Asia.?
According to economic Pandits only the high sect of the society is benefiting from the fruits of the progress done during the last 19 years. Definitely some 300 mn people got rid of the grip of poverty but they live hand to mouth and they hardly can buy the daily food items to live.
Where in India 800 mn people are living difficult and troublesome life, India is buying maximum arms and ammunition to have supremacy in the area. It is recalled that India is the biggest arms buyer in the world and the visit of Us president was also mainly in this regard to make India buy more arms from the USA. Earlier India used to buy arms from France or Russia but now its trend is towards USA where, there exits world's largest Arms Manufacturing Industry. The trade agreements that were signed between India and USA were also for the benefit of the richest of India e.g., one agreement was signed for the installation of a motorcycle plant of Harley Davidson and that motor bike is only used by the richest in India.
Poor also live in Pakistan too but the condition of their life is not as much worst as is seen in Indian cities and villages. According to world reports the poverty rate in Pakistan is lower than in India.
(To be continued)

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