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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Confessions of Economic Hitman --- A High Ranking Official of National Security Agency of The USA

John Perkins has been working on a high ranking post in the National Security Agency of the United States. He said " These people are the cruelest of the human history, their brutalities are far more than Changez and Hitler. Due to their greediness not millions but billion people have been killed, many countries have been destroyed a number of cities have been demolished. They consider Osama Ben Laden a terrorist, who they think is a risk for world peace, I have visited more than half of the world poorest countries, wherever i have been the people look at Osama as a person who took revenge of the brutalities from a country that destroyed their cities and their homes and made them homeless."
All the above wordings are the views, experiences and thoughts of John Perkins, who took birth in in an American State New Hemisphere on 28th of January, 1945. He earned his graduation from famous business school of Boston. His wife was the daughter of a person who was on a key post in an American Secret Agency. Due to his intelligence and capabilities John Perkins was inducted into National Security Agency. He was deputed to the poorest countries of the world to work for the benefit of the big Corporate Companies of the USA.These poorest countries are rich in mineral and agricultural resources.He worked for 10 years as Economic Hit man to exploit the resources of the these countries for the benefit of the companies. When he noticed the economic looting and exploitation of the resources of these poor countries by the USA and its companies, he said yes to the voice of conscious, left the job and started working for the rights of the poorest countries. He went to Amazon Forest and began to make the settlers there understand how these companies are slowly occupying their oil and other mineral resources and causing them to fight each other. After 9/11 he was openly opposing the American policies and in 2004 he wrote a book" Confessions of Economic Hitman". In 2007 he wrote another book about the American secret conspiracies against poorest and developing countries" The Secret History of American Empire". During 2009, the second part of THE film," TGEIST: ADDENDUM," was prepared on his character. in the same month a documentary film was released under the title," Let us Make Money," Now he is playing role himself in the film bases on his confessions," Weights of Chain."

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