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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Americans In Afghanistan Are Corrupt--- Diplomatic Cable

A cable from the Whistle-Blowers leaked that Germans were stunned with the tragical disclosure that the huge amount of money donated for purchasing uniforms for Afghan military was pocketed by Americans in Afghanistan. It so happened that during 2007 it was decided by Allies and NATO countries to establish a Trust Fund for the Afghan soldiers to help them provide some military items. Every country donated for the Fund and German Government contributed the highest amount of 0.5 billion Euro, and Holland donated Euro 0.22 bn. Out of German donations Euro 0.7 million were allocated for the construction of military schools in Kabul, Mazar Sharif and Faizabad. Last year a delegation of German Parliament was on visit to Afghanistan. One of the parliamentarian had a round of the place in Kabul where Military school had to be built, but there were no signs of any building on the spot. On their return to the country the parliamentarians launched a complaint to the government to inquire the Americans about the money Germans had contributed. When the German Government investigated into the matter it was disclosed that American deduct 15 % handling fee on the billion of Euros being contributed by the NATO countries. Germans got mad on this disclosure and German Ambassador in NATO protested and American Ambassador was called to Foreign Ministry in Berlin and similarly, German Ambassador to the USA protested in Washington. Now American government has started the investigation of this corruption , but Germans are sure that their money has been deposited in the treasury of the USA. At least it is not astonishing for Pakistanis, because Americans are in our neighboring country Afghanistan now, the wind from Pakistan blows towards west and they must have been affected by the strong corruption wind of Pakistan. We are happy to be chips of the same bundles with Americans. After all we are at the top in this respect and can have greater impact on the people of other countries. However, Chinese are still out of our reach but we hope they will become Pakistanis sooner or later.

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