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Monday, December 6, 2010

Cable Disclosures About Pakistan Is Neither New Nor Unique For Pakistanis

What the WikiLeaks have disclosed in diplomatic cables about Pakistan and claimed to be exclusives news stories is not new or unique for common Pakistani. One Hundred and Eighty million people in Pakistan know that what their government is doing or who is behind their power or who is the center of power, or even which is the most powerful institution in Pakistan. If WikiLeaks leaks out that President Zardari is not capable of the office or he is charged with corruption cases or cases against other Leaders of PPP are in the courts, so what is new.? People of Pakistan are aware, conscious and know more about their country than WikiLeaks. In addition, all this and more is announced daily by the opposition leaders and people watch the TV or listen to radio and are aware of the facts. Pakistanis already knew that US ambassadors always spy for their country , but our leaders do not know or pose to, and use to invite them for dinners and disclosing to them all the information and talking against political rivals as flattering, requesting them to bestow power and chair to them. Like Fazal Ur Rahman, who instead of asking to Allah for PM ship begs N.W.Petersen. Pakistanis also know that every other country does not trust Pakistan, or USA wants to terminate Pakistan's nuclear capabilities, or present government is unpopular. Majority of Pakistanis being illiterate have very much understanding of the current affairs.
WikiLeaks just wasted its time and energy to make Pakistanis know about their government or informed the outer world that how Pakistan is doing. N.W.Petersen and other US diplomats in Pakistan also wasted their stationary and worn their computer to send cables to their country. What is the impact on Pakistanis who are already suffering from diseases like Sugar Mafias, Electricity Mafias, Flour Mafias and so on and so forth.

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