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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Camera Equipment Worth £130,000 Smashed By Polar Bear During Documantry

Animals are not fooled as we might think. They know each and every thing happening in their environment and can even detect small or hidden changes as shown in a recent polar bear incident.
Award-winning director John Downer while making a wildlife documentary covered his remote-control camera in a ball of snow to capture a part of the Polar bear life and to see how polar bear mother and her cub crosses the sea ice in Svalbard, Norway, in search of seals. But the snow ball covered camera didn't fool him at all. He went straight to it and tried the explore the thing with the help of its claw and then smashed it into tiny pieces.
After smashing it, his curiosity didn't end up. He set his eyes on a second piece of equipment, Downer's £100,000 blizzard camera. Although the blizzard camera was a remote-controlled but even then the director couldn't steer the equipment away from the huge half a ton polar bear. Finally curiosity ended after destroying both the cameras.
Luckily the film maker had another camera to record the attacks.
'Curiosity satisfied, the animals eventually behaved normally,' said Mr Downer.
'Ultimately, out spycams reveal that polar bears’ intelligence and curiosity are key to their survival in a world of shrinking ice.'

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