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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kite Flying in The Sea Can Generate Electricty

All of you would have seen making kites fly in the air by kids or young men and women in Pakistan at the Basant Festival (Spring Fair)and people flying kites in other countries too, but seeing kites flying in the sea would, of course be a new experience for every body. However, it is not a sort of game but a novel method of generating electricity developed by the experts of at a Swedish Company Mieti Seeto.As water is 800 times heavier than air, so flying kite generates more power in the sea than that in the air. Experts have tied a turbine with the kite so that energy generated may be put to work. According to the the scientists of the company, flying kite in the sea can produce up to 500 KW electricity even if the sea is calm. It is , no doubt a wonderful and useful invention,for the towns and cities near the sea banks/shores to get clean and immediate supply of electricity. For Pakistan , Karachi can be the luckiest city in this regard, if our KEPKO people have a little brain in their skulls. At present kites are being modified and more refines. It is expected that next year this new technology would be made available for the people.
During April 2010, American company Apple introduced a revolutionary computer i Pad. Its special quality and advantage is that you can carry on your activities while walking, lying on bed holding in hand because its weight is 680 grams only. IPad can work with out mouse and key board as efficiently as common desktop can do. In Americas and Europe its sale has reached to 80 mn, a record level. If camera and mobile phone devices are added to this, it will become the need of every businessman. In Pakistan its price is 53000-54000 PKR.
Pakistanis must think that countries whom we curse all the time, are busy in discoveries and inventions for the well-being of the humanity.

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