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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fazl Leaves For Umra To Mecca

The wisest man of Pakistan who created a rift among the powerful people of Pakistan and made them so weak that they are wandering door to door to continue their rule. Yesterday, there was a hustle bustle of all the prominent leaders of government at his "palace" that remained the center of attention of media all the day long. Fazal ur Rahman gained a lot of importance as he left the cabinet but not his chairman ship of Kashmir Committee. Maulana squeezed the government as much as he could with respect to foreign tours, TA DA in foreign currency, security and protocol and other privileges. Now , his sixth sense warned him that government has nothing to bestow on him, rather there would be no funds to pay salaries after a month or so to the employees. Secondly, none of the governments elected through general elections could pass more than two- three years in power. So this is the right time to quit the government and throw the ball in its court. Our government is like "Sardars", who do first and think after doing. Maulana was waiting for any mistake to be committed by Government's intellectuals and "Think Tank" which they did by dismissing JUI's minister. Home Minster of Sindh's speech fueled the already political ground on fire and raised the political temperature too high that government can not control and extinguish the fire now.
Maulana proceeded to perform Umra after throwing the ignited match stick in the pile of straw and will be spectator and monitor from the remotest corner of Saudi Arabia and will be back till government thinks to crown him as Prime Minister of Pakistan. He can not be convinced with out being implemented his this "Power Hunger" suggestion.
Maulana has been touring to foreign countries and to Mecca before too when there had been any crisis in the country like that of "Red Mosque" (Lal Masjid). This is the reason that I say him the most intelligent politician of Pakistan.

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