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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some International NGO's Work For The Benefit Of The US Companies

John Perkins, a former Economic Hitman of a National Security Agency of the USA wrote about Janie Williams, who had been a worker of an International NGO working in Uganda, Sudan and Kenya. She told that apparently our staff was social welfare worker, but actually our mandate was to introduce a typical life style in these societies and create war among the people. The demand and sale of western style foods and beverages was raised inspite of famine conditions and common masses were involved in war of rights among themselves. Various groups of people started fighting and trying to occupy the reservoirs of Titanium,a most precious metal that is used in computers, misiles and atomic reactors. The group who was successful to get the metal used to sell this on cheaper rates to the American Companies. Similar wars caused death of nearly 0.4 mn people in Sudan, Rwanda and Derfer and 0.25 Sudanese were kidnapped, mostly women who were sold in international markets for sex purposes. While, the jackals and NGO's are distributing and involving the the people into wars against each other for the sake their so-called human rights, American companies are occupying the resources of the countries. All this was done in Panama, Algeria and Indonesia. If any intelligent citizen of that country understands the tactics of these NGO's or companies he is no more in this world. Anadaey of Chilli, Lomamba of Congo and president of Panama met fate fate like this.

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