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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The New Inventions During 2010

The scientists remain always busy to invent new technologies for the wll-being of human life on the earth. During 2010 some useful discoveries/inventions have been brought to light. Some of them include:-
Edison-2:- The rise in the petrol prices all the world diverted the attention of scientists toward inventing the cars that in minimum petrol consumption can be driven to longest distance. Edison-2 has been invented by American inventor Oliver that is too light in weight and consumes less fuel, Its weight is only 725 pounds and engine installed in it is of 250 cc and it be driven to a distance of 120 km in a gallon. Its design is aerodynamic so that the outer air pressure can be minimized. At present its price is $ 20,000, but will be less when it is commercially marketed.
Death Star:- Mosquito is the that flying insect which is found every where and some species cause malaria, dengue and yellow fever. The former Managing Director of Micro Software Company Mr Nathan with the help of a scientist Lowel Wood invented a Laser Gun called "Death Star" that can kill mosquitoes spreading malaria. Its special feature is that laser gun will kill only malarial mosquitoes other insects will be safe. In the University of Arizona (USA), scientists have created a race of mosquito through genetic engineering that lacks in plasmodium parsite causing malaria. Scientists are planning to make it tougher to kill malarial mosquitoes when this special type will get enter into forests.

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