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Monday, December 20, 2010

Maulana Fazl Ur Rahman Is Not The Loser

Though Maulana quits the government , his one minister has been dismissed and other resigned but still the head of JUI is losing nothing personally. He is so wise that when he was announcing the with drawl from the Federal government he clearly said that we are not quitting the Gilgat and Baluchistan governments. His political party is holding 10 key offices in the government. He himself is the Chairman of the Kashmir Committee whose status is at par with federal minister and Maulana Sherani is chairman of Islamic Ideology Council. The Ministries of Tourism and Hosing and Science and Technology are going to be handed over to provinces due to 18th Amendment. all these ministries are so ineffective that his all the 3 ministers were fed up with these. if they rejoin government then Ministry of Religious Affairs and may be that Information Technology given to his members.
Maula is enjoying all the perks and privileges of a Ministry. He would never quit Chairmanship of Kashmir Committee due to security reasons too. He has been provided with Security, Bullet Proof Vehicle, Commandos and High Profile Protocol. Government is spending 0.2 mn Rupees on his security per month. Maulana May I ask you that when your party is going to sit on opposition benches, you have have left coalition government Do you deserve all this Pomp and Show ? Why you do not leave the facilities and are sticking to these?. Maulana there are some moral values Are you familiar with those? if so you must quit all the security facilities. If you do not then never speak of Principles of Democracy.

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